Simplify Your Payments Loyalty Offers

YewPay gives you the freedom to choose how you pay, after a purchase is made. Handle all your payments, loyalty and offers from one app!

How It Works

1. Sign Up

Create your account and get your YewPay card instantly! Connect at least one payment method to start making purchases with YewPay today (you can add more later).

2. Make A Purchase

Pay as you normally would in-person or online with your YewPay card (or with your face or vehicle at participating merchants). Add it as the default card in your digital wallet and let us optimize your financial life! We'll handle all your loyalty, promotions, and discounts automatically.

3. Choose How To Pay

Understand your true purchase price across all your payment options. We'll suggest the best option, and even give you access to new ways to pay.

It's like having your own personal accounting team

Join YewPay and start optimizing your purchases today!

All Your Rewards In One Spot

Manage your offers and loyalty programs all from one space. What's better - we automate it all! No more signing up for new programs, or scanning barcodes. Just pay and we'll handle the rest.

Ask Your Personal Purchase Expert

Ask your YewPal any questions you have related to your purchases. We help you understand everything you need to know about your payment methods, charges, rewards programs, and offers.

Pay With Empty Pockets

Ditch your phone and wallet! At participating merchants, you can now securely and privately pay with your face or vehicle. Earn extra rewards when you choose to pay the way of the future!


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