Maximize Your Revenue

YewPay retains and boosts your existing customer spend, while expanding your customer base. Get highly effective loyalty and customer engagement without any new hardware or integrations.

Your Loyalty Program, No Extra Tablet Needed

With Yew, you get access to the industry-leading loyalty program without adding another tablet or integration to your setup. Your customers simply pay through your existing terminal, and we'll handle loyalty earn and redemption automatically.

Highly Effective Automated Loyalty Without Clutter

Join the YewPay Merchant Network today and start boosting your customer lifetime spend!

An Account Manager For Every Customer

YewPay acts as a personalized account manager for each of your customers, and works to keep them coming back through your doors. Reduce your customer churn by 50% and increase average customer lifetime spend by 300%, without lifting a finger.

Get More Customers With No Upfront Cost

Expand your customer base in a cost effective, margin positive way with Yew. We'll send new customers your way for free, and only take a bit off the top when they make a purchase. No longer do you have to worry if your advertising spend will pay off. We've aligned our success to yours, to make that a guarantee.


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